Methods, models and technologies
Keywords: snow melting, river catchment, spatial distribution, physically based model, geostatistics, subgrid variability
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A method has been developed for geostatistical description of the spatial heterogeneity of snow cover when calculating snow melting using a physically based snow model over the catchment scale (by the example of the catchment area of the Seim River). The average snow depth within the computational grid cell is set according to snow observations at meteorological stations in the region using the ordinary kraging interpolation. An earlier analysis of long-term snow observation data in the Central Black Soil region showed that the empirical variogram of the snow depth can be approximated by a power-law dependence on the distance between the observation points. This made it possible to obtain, based on the method of geostatistical regularization, a simple dependence of the variability of the snow cover depth within each grid cell (subgrid variability) on the ratio of the cell size to the catchment size. Using the model of snow cover formation, the sensitivity of the calculated intensity of snow melting in the catchment area to the detail of the computational grid resolution was estimated. It is shown that the calculated snowmelt both in the entire catchment and within the cells turned out to be almost insensitive to changes in the spatial grid resolution For calculating the hydrograph of snowmelt runoff in the river outlet, the result obtained means the possibility of choosing, when describing snow melting, a coarser grid than the schematization of the catchment area used for calculating overland runoff in physically based distributed models.

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Аlexander N. Gelfan,
Institute for Water Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia; Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia

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