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Keywords: Hydrology, watercourse, water catchment, Earth Science, physical hydrology, stochastic hydrology, applied hydrology
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Vade mecum

Listen. If you are a hydrologist or going to become once of them, then let me tell you the truth about this science. About hydrology. Of course, this truth will be what it seems to me. But believe me, it’s unlikely that I have grave rivals regarding the disclosure of scientific secrets. But first, I want to ask you some questions.

What is the destiny of the water that fell from Heaven to Earth? And if you answer this question, then you are a master of the amazing.

But you know that flowing is inherent in water. Therefore answer - in what ways water flows. And if you are ready to answer this question, then you are certainly a master of the amazing.

And one more thing. What would happen if there were no water on Earth? What happens on Earth with the participation of water? What happens to water during its stay on Earth? And if you again know the answers, then truly you are a master of the amazing.

And if it so happened that you found it difficult to answer, or answered hesitantly, or in some way committed a sin against the truth and felt this, then come with me. And believe me, I'm also a little master of the amazing.

I will remind you about the beauty of this World and its vulnerability. About the exclusive role of water on Earth and the problems associated with this. About how important and wonderful it is to feel and understand everything about water.

I will tell you about the people who gave answers to the questions asked to you. And about people who thought they knew the answers. And about people who answered without knowing the answers.

And I also hope that you will understand the main thing – only devotion and obsession can lead you to real knowledge. And only then can you become a true master of the amazing.

"But enough. Let me get down to matter. Let me start and let me finish."

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Yurii B. Vinogradov,

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