Transit and accumulation of the Gerkhozhan-Su River debris flows at the section of debris flow check channel in the Tyrnyauz city Mikhail D. Dokukin, Mukhtar Yu. Bekkiev, Ruslan Kh. Kalov
Large-volume avalanches in the lowlands of Sakhalin Island Nikolay A. Kazakov
Formation of variability of flow quality in the top of the Luga River in inter-annual and short-term time. Part 1. Interannual variability El'vira А. Rumyantseva, Nelly N. Bobrovitskaya
Estimation of the error in calculating the maximum flow of small rivers Irina N. Beldiman
Effect of forest on snow accumulation (according to the data of the Moscow region runoff station) Alexey Yu. Vinogradov, Ivan A. Vinogradov, Evgeniy A. Parfenov
Analysis and evaluation of long-term changes in the main hydrometeorological characteristics on the Valdai Elena V. Gurevich

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Published: 2021-04-01

Hazardous processes in the hydrosphere: fundamental and engineering aspects

Ecological problems and hazards in the hydrosphere

Methods, models and technologies

Monitoring, experimental and expeditionary research