Avalanche risk in Kazakhstan at different levels of avalanche danger Victor P. Blagovechshenskiy, Vitaly V. Zhdanov
Formation of variability of flow quality in the top of the Luga River in inter-annual and short-term time. Part 2. Geochemical background concentrations and the contribution of short-term anomalies to water pollution El'vira А. Rumyantseva, Nelly N. Bobrovitskaya
On a new set of rules “Engineering surveys for construction in avalanche-prone areas. General requirements” Pavel A. Chernous
Use of wavelet analysis in the study of the bottom relief of the Peter the Great Bay of the Sea of Japan Aleksandr N. Samchenko, Igor O. Yaroshchuk
Pauses in mean monthly temperature changes in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres and their possible causes Vladimir F. Loginov, Vladimir S. Mikutsky, Yuliya A. Brovka

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Published: 2021-08-25

Hazardous processes in the hydrosphere: fundamental and engineering aspects

Monitoring, experimental and expeditionary research

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