Debris-flows, mudflows and submerged tree drifting in the plains Alexey Yu. Vinogradov, Nikolay A. Kazakov
The freezing of the soil and spring avalanches on the northern slopes of the Aibga ridge Georgy L. Morozov
Deformational features of tsunami Grigory I. Dolgikh, Stanislav G. Dolgikh
The use of automated technology to calculate the runoff quality characteristics according to hydrochemical and hydrological observations El'vira А. Rumyantseva, Nelly N. Bobrovitskaya, Marina V. Shmakova
State regulation of avalanche danger assessment in Russia Pavel A. Chernous
Critical analysis of the guidelines on the calculation of hydrodynamic accidents Alexey Yu. Vinogradov, Viktor A. Obyazov, Olga V. Zubova, Mariya M. Kadatskaya, Alexey V. Kuchmin

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Published: 2020-09-30

Hazardous processes in the hydrosphere: fundamental and engineering aspects

Ecological problems and hazards in the hydrosphere

Issues of improving regulatory documentation