Marine extreme surface disturbancesmi  Grigory I. Dolgikh, Stanislav G. Dolgikh.

Transformation of water chemical composition in arctic tundra creeks under water-rock interaction   Ludmila S. Lebedeva, Vladimir V. Shamov, Anna M. Tarbeeva, Nadezhda A. Pavlova.

Infrasound oscillations caused by extratropical cyclones in the sea of Japane 
Vladimir A Chupin, Egor S. Gusev.

Regional features of infragravity sea waves in the range from 20 to 300 seconds  
Sergey V. Yakovenko, Vyacheslav A. Shvets, Sergey S. Budrin. 

Current hydroclimatic changes in the Baikal region Natalia V. Kichigina, Nadezhda N. Voropay.

Ligthning activity in the typhoon Lekima (2019) according to the Worldwide lightning location network data Mikhail S. Permyakov, Tatyana I. Kleshcheva, Ekaterina Yu. Potalova. 

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Published: 2022-02-10

Hazardous processes in the hydrosphere: fundamental and engineering aspects

Ecological problems and hazards in the hydrosphere

Methods, models and technologies

Monitoring, experimental and expeditionary research