• Ibrahim Gurer Baskent University, Ankara, Turkiye


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avalanche disaster in Turkey, release and motion of avalanches, winter climatic conditions, stability of snow layer on slopes, dynamic avalanche modelling, avalanche mapping study

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One of the natural disasters encountered mostly on barren slopes and in the spring season, in the mountainous parts and high plateaus of Turkey, in Central and Eastern Anatolia, is avalanche. Especially in heavy snow areas of the Eastern Anatolia, people living in villages and hamlets far from the city centers, lose their lives and homes, roads are closed. Energy pilons and energy transmission lines are destroyed due to heavy snow accumulation and avalanches. During snow storms, excessive snow accumulation on flat and earthen roofs, and icing on eaves adversly affect the living conditions of people. Every year, about 25 people lives are lost in avalanche accidents in urban areas, very few at winter tourism locations, and the loss of property is not clearly known. In this study, the present situation of the areal distribution of avalanche events, their distribution in time, and in this context, the recent avalanche mapping, modelling and simulation studies that have been done so far are exemplified. Based on the data available, avalanche-hazardous zones in Turkey are identified, the analysis of avalanche data for the period 1950–2019 is given. The structural and non-structural measures necessary to control the avalanche problem are defined. Opinions are shared on the necessity of coordination among the state institutions working on avalanche disaster prevention.

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Ibrahim Gurer, Baskent University, Ankara, Turkiye


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